A Look at the Three Strikes Plagiarism Rule in Your Children’s School

Why are so many kids cheating these days in school? Are they under too much stress to succeed, are we teaching them the wrong way, are they just bored, pissed off and don’t care? Or is it their role models taking steroids in sports, business men involved in fraud or our political leaders who lie to us to get the votes? Worst of all, since we draw on society for all these jobs and other jobs like policemen, military, government workers, etc, soon these kids will be adults and will they thus, still be cheating then?

What is wrong with our society? And speaking of cheating most kids now go onto the Internet and lift someone else’s work, plagiarize it, and turn it in. They are doing this in grade school, junior high, high school, college and many go on to do important research and cheat there too? Some schools and colleges have adopted a “Three Strikes Rule” for plagiarism, and yet one has to ask why?

Why grant kids 3-strikes?

Why not kick them out of school on the first strike, or offense, or suspend them from school the first time, and if it happens again “See Ya” you can never come back and you forfeit your tuition. Personally, as a writer I am constantly contacted by professors and teachers across the country asking me about something I wrote to make sure I actually wrote it, because some student swears they did not plagiarize it. We have copyright laws in this nation, and they ought to apply to everyone. Please consider this.