Healing Period Benefits

Workplace injury, even if unexpected, can occur to anyone. To deal with possible financial issues that could arise from the missed time at work, workers’ compensation law protects laborers from becoming destitute or unable to pay their bills because of a workplace injury. In the most dangerous cases, injuries can occur that do permanent damage to a person’s body. Permanent disability benefits can provide compensation for the time away from work a person requires to properly heal, and benefits specifically designed to pay for recovery time are known as healing period benefits.

These benefits give workers who have been injured permanently an opportunity to address newly encountered physical challenges. During this time, workers can go through physical therapy sessions, attend doctor-recommended treatments, and give themselves time to regain lost strength. As particular injuries, such as lost limbs or fingers, require a significant period of time to adjust to, it is important that injured workers have an opportunity to heal and adjust before returning to work.

Healing period benefits only last as long as they are needed. If an employee has healed as much as a physician believes he or she reasonably will, healing period benefits may be cut, and an employee may be expected to return to work. Likewise, if an employee is healthy enough to return to work and complete his or her normal tasks despite the infirmity, he or she may not continue to receive benefits. Finally, benefits can be stopped if the worker simply starts working again.

As with any workers’ compensation funds, filing a successful claim is necessary to receive needed benefits. To learn more about healing period benefits and what an employee can do to bolster his or her financial situation despite a prolonged injury, contact a workers’ compensation lawyer.

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