What Does a No Contest Divorce Mean?

In simple words, it is when the two people bound in matrimonial relationship agree on all the issues regarding divorce. Also referred to as the Uncontested, No-Fault or DIY divorce, this is a contract that is used by many couples in North America, Europe and Australia to file legal separation when they want to end their marriage. If you have tried hard enough to save your marriage but it is the time when you are thinking seriously about separation, then I would recommend you to consider this divorce contract.

Following are some of its features:

As a part of this form, you are supposed to mention the division of property. Everything should be clear – – no matter how petty or important it may be. Decide and mention who will take the silverware, the wedding gifts, the house and almost everything that was shared by the two of you during the marriage.

One of the other forms on this divorce should add the details of child custody. Either the couple can agree on father child custody or mother child custody.

The contract shall also take into consideration the financial divisions, particularly. It should be decided and mentioned in the form that how much percentage of the pension will be going to each spouse. The value of property and bank balance should also be taken into account at this moment.

If both possess life insurance, they should mention a change in it, if they so desire to make it.

Some of the rules and conditions of No-Fault divorce may vary according to the states and country law. Therefore, before filing your divorce, you need to consult a lawyer to be sure of everything.

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