The Top 5 Times You May Want to Contact a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

The Top 5 Times You May Want to Contact a Workers’ Comp Lawyer

Not everybody who suffers an injury from a workplace accident will need to hire a lawyer. After all, the workers’ compensation system is a process that is designed to be easy for workers to navigate without the need to hire legal assistance. If your claim is fairly straightforward and there’s no dispute from your employer or their insurer, handling your own claim is usually a simple process. However, things are not always that easy, and some workers may need to, or at least be at an advantage if they work with a workers’ compensation lawyer.

When Your Claim is Disputed

Any time that your workers’ compensation claim has led to a dispute with the insurance company, you should usually consider hiring a Scranton workers’ comp attorney. To challenge the insurance company’s position, you will benefit from worker together with a lawyer to gather evidence. A lawyer can also help you with other processes such as taking depositions, requesting independent medical examinations and hiring expert witnesses to back up your claim.

If Your Claim is Denied

There are many reasons why an insurance company might deny a workers’ compensation claim – for example, if the insurance company claims that your injury was not work-related, or if there are disputes regarding the timing of when you filed your claim. You can use the workers’ compensation system to appeal the denial. However, this will usually require the assistance of an attorney since you will be required to file legal paperwork, get evidence, and present it at a hearing using the appropriate legal tools.

If You Have a Pre-Existing Health Condition

If you have a pre-existing health condition or injury that impacts where you have been injured at work, you may find that it is harder to get your claim approved. In this case, the insurance company may try and blame the injury on your pre-existing condition or injury rather than your work-related activities, especially when an injury has developed over time rather than happened quicky.

You Have Been Left Unable to Work

If you are in a situation where your workplace injury has left you unable to work permanently or for a very long time, it’s a wise idea to hire a workers’ compensation lawyer to help you fight your case. This is because you will need to maximize your workers’ compensation benefits and structure them so that they will last you well into the future. If you are able to work but can no longer work in the same job and need to change careers, a lawyer can also help you secure the training that you need.

You are Attending a Hearing

If the insurance company is only offering low settlements or is refusing to settle, you will need to attend a hearing to prove your case. The hearing works in a similar way to a trial, so it’s a good idea to hire a lawyer to represent you and help you get the best results.

In many more complex workers’ compensation claims, a lawyer can help you get the best outcome.