Find an Immigrant in The ICE Detainee Locator System

Find an Immigrant in The ICE Detainee Locator System

To find an inmate who is an illegal alien, you may need to search the detainee locator system first and then possibly an inmate search site. Illegal Immigrants that are detained will be listed on the Detainee Locator System provided by Immigrations and Customs Enforcement. This new online tool allows you to find an immigrant if being detained and possibly which immigrant detention facility they are being held in.

For those immigrants looking for a better life by illegally crossing United States borders have more to fear now than border agents and criminals. They will now be listed in the I.C.E Detainee Locator System. What some people fear though is that the use of this service will allow people searching for immigrants to instantly get their information. This is not the case. The immigration detainee locator simply allows you to find an immigrant you know – and no one else.

How To Do An Immigrant Search

In order to lookup an immigrant in the detainee locator system you would first need the immigrants “A-Number” and “country of birth.” Without it detainee information will not be shown. The benefits of this security measure are so that only family members are able to know where the detained immigrant is.

Why The Security

The security is in place to thwart people attempting to possibly steal the identity of the detained person. It is also in place to stop anyone from attempting to discover where a detainee is. Attempting to locate an illegal immigrant who is part of a gang or large scale drug operation is made more difficult if the person trying to find the immigrant does not have their personal information. This hinders the gang or drug dealer from knowing where their member is being held. Every system needs a security measure and this is an advanced way of creating that system while keeping the checks and balances in place.

Why Cant You Find Your Loved One On The Detainee Locator System

This all comes down to the safety and security of the immigrant detention facilities and movement. Although you loved one is not violent nor a troublemaker of any kind, there are those detainees involved in heavy criminal activity and must be watched more closely. Movement of most prisoners and immigrants is mainly for safety precautions. The transfer (not necessarily the deportation proceedings) of detainees to other facilities is also a safety measure ensuring not only the safety of the detainees from any retribution from whomever, but also the safety and security of the officers guarding these people. If at any time during transport someone on the outside of the detainee system knew of a transfer would likely put lives at risk.