Green Card Renewal Online

Green Card Renewal Online

Generally, a permanent resident card (green card) is valid for ten years. On or before the expiration date, you will be required to renew it by filing Form I-90, application for green card replacement with the USCIS. If your green card has already expired, make sure you renew it at the earliest possible time upon discovering it has expired. Per immigration law you will not lose your permanent resident status, but you must be able to have a valid green card as evidence of your permanent resident status. If you were unable to renew your expired/expiring card, you could experience difficulties in obtaining employment, benefits and on re-entry to the United States from abroad. It is recommended apply for your new green card before you travel and bring with you as evidence on any travels the temporary documentation you have received. After traveling abroad you try to re-enter the U.S. with an expired card, this might present a problem for you during the inspection process at the port of entry.

Process for online green card renewal:

It is recommended before e-Filing your application you check for eligibility information to make sure e-Filing is the right filing option for you. Also check your system requirements. Ensure you have all the proper information on hand before beginning the e-File process. Have available your method of payment to pay the filing fees if necessary.

If you decide to e-File the application you will not need to submit paper photographs and you will not need to self schedule an appointment at an Application Support Center for biometrics. You will receive a notice in the mail from USCIS that will provide you with your USCIS scheduled appointment for biometrics and taking of the photographs at an Application Support Center nearest you.

You should bring your biometrics appointment notice and photo identification to your biometrics appointment. Types of acceptable photo identification which are generally accepted are a passport or national photo identification card issued by your country or driver’s license or military photo i.d. or state-issued photo i.d. card. Bring all required initial evidence, including your prior green card or other evidence of permanent residence or commuter status. Other documentation of proof such as court ordered name change, marriage certificate, birth certificate or police report for a stolen or lost green card.

When e-filing your application, ensure that your application has been successfully submitted to USCIS. If you receive a receipt number on the web confirmation page and your application no longer appears in the list of saved application in the “My Forms” screen, it means your application has been filed successfully. If you receive Form I-797, Notice of Action, through the mail within 10 days of e-Filing your application, it means your application was filed successfully. Your confirmation receipt number will be in the Form I-797.