What Is New in the New Citizenship Act?

What Is New in the New Citizenship Act?

Citizenship in Canada is generally obtained through:

– Birth. If you were born in Canada, you are automatically a Canadian Citizen.

– By descent. Born abroad but with a Canadian parent (either one of them was born in Canada).

– Adoption. If a Canadian citizen adopted you from other countries.

– Naturalized or Permanent resident. Anyone who already resides in Canada for 3 or more years.

Why did the government amend the old citizenship law?

The previous law was amended because of the criticisms of the people about the uncertainties led by the complicated and confusing status of their citizenship. The new Citizenship law eliminates this requirement.

Some of the New Citizenship questions frequently asked:

– What are the new citizenship rules?

The new Amendment Act gives people new citizenship who have lost it, and to those who, for the first time were recognized as Canadian citizens. On the other hand, the new Act limits the citizenship of those outside Canada to only one descent generation thus, protecting the value of Canadian citizenship. Right after the completion of the adoption, even without entering Canada first as a permanent resident (which is a requirement in the old law), Canadian citizenship can now be acquired by foreign nationals who were adopted by Canadian citizens.

Before the Citizen Act was amended and was effected on April 17, 2009, the old law regarding the Canadian citizenship required people who were born outside Canada but belong to the 2nd or next generations, to apply for the retention of their citizenship before their 28th birthday, stating about their intention to live one year in Canada or submit a proof that they are connected with Canadian citizens. If anyone failed to meet these requirements, he may lose his Canadian citizenship.

– What are the changes in study guide? Why it is changed?

Learning the Canada study guide is one of the requirements in applying to be a Canadian immigrant.

In the New Citizenship law, to tell the story of Canada better, the citizenship study guide was rewritten. In the study guide, the emphasis is on the rights and responsibilities of Canadian citizens. The topics are about Canada’s History, values and institutions and also of politics and government.

In becoming a new citizen of Canada, an immigrant should follow the step by step procedure in the application process. For those who lost their citizenship, they can be new citizens through the new Citizenship Act. Guides and answers to the new citizenship questions, new citizenship rules, and amendments are available online.