The Myth of The Personal Injury Claims Calculator

As a growing fad on the internet, it is likely that anyone who has looked into making a personal injury claim will have come across one. While their designs may differ, the general function is the same – consumers give brief details of their personal injury and they are offered an attractive figure of the amount of compensation they could be due.

It may appear a simple calculation on screen but the reality is that calculating an exact compensation figure in the initial stages is never simple. A personal injury claim requires legal assistance, a full investigation and admission of liability from another party. All of these factors must be ascertained before compensation amounts can even be considered.

So how can I work out how much compensation I will be awarded?

Firstly, it is important to point out that there is no guarantee of winning any compensation with a claim unless liability can be assumed. There is a common misconception that personal injury claims are a quick and easy process involving a few bits of paperwork and resulting in an ample payout.

This is not to suggest that compensation claims are always long-winded but it is important that they are executed thoroughly. Before any compensation can even be discussed, there must be an in depth exploration of how exactly the injury occurred and who can be held liable for it. Moreover, the claims advisor must assume a detailed synopsis of your exact financial losses.

Such steps are typical of all personal injury claims however the monterey outcome is not. The sum of compensation will depend on the injuries, the situation that they occurred in and the losses that you have incurred as a result of them.

Although many ‘claims calculators’ will ask for a description of your injury, this is not enough to estimate compensation payments as a full medical investigation would be required. Two injuries that may appear the same could affect people in very different ways. For example, one person may recover quickly from their injuries and be back to work shortly after the incident whereas another may suffer psychological trauma and require extended time off. This is why the medical examination and detailed medical notes from a qualified specialist are required for all injury claims.

Once liability and evidence has been attained, the lawyer will begin the negotiation process. Again, the time length of this process varies for each situation. Sometimes if the opponent has accepted full liability, quick agreements can be made however in some circumstances, court proceedings may need to be issued.

Your personal advisor will always try to ensure that you receive the best possible award for your situation. They will let you know at the earliest convenience a likely sum of your compensation award.

Seeking personal injury claims advice

The first step to calculating a likely financial outcome is to speak to a legal specialist who could offer personal injury claims advice on whether you may have a valid claim and the investigation process that would be necessary. An obligation-free initial consultation could help you to decide whether to proceed with making a claim.

Once this has been established, the lawyer will offer you personal injury claim advice each step of the way providing you with the details of estimated outcomes as soon as possible.

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