The Importance of Regular Maintenance for Your Ignition Interlock Device

The ignition interlock device makes it possible for individuals with a DUI conviction to resume driving under Washington State law. The device, also known as the IID, is required under the special license and can easily be installed in a car or truck.

This device controls the driver’s ability to start the car’s ignition by monitoring the blood alcohol content through a breath sample. The driver blows in the tube, which analyzes the breath sample and determines whether alcohol is present before allowing the engine ignition to be safely turned on. After the car is in operation there will be random requests for additional breath samples. All of this information is stored in the ignition interlock device’s computer chip to be used by the Department of Licensing in Washington State.

Any individual who has received a DUI understands the importance of complete compliance with the restrictions resulting from a conviction. The time span for getting a license back can be impacted by the individual’s failure to follow the requirements of his or her conviction for driving under the influence.

There are three very important steps an individual can take, after a conviction, to help regain his license.

  1. Do not consume alcohol at any time when he or she is going to be driving. He or she can always have a designated driver or stay at home when alcohol is going to be consumed.
  2. Rent the ignition interlock device from a reputable company with a reputation for prompt customer service. The device should be properly installed and registered with the state of Washington. A good business will understand the importance of taking care of your IID and providing good customer service for any problems that might arise.
  3. Keep the device properly maintained, as required by your sentence or conviction. It’s important to follow this exactly and to keep your device well-maintained.

The ignition interlock device is a computer-based instrument used to provide safety for you and others on the highways. The IID records each breath test, the blood alcohol level and your service check-ups. It’s important for the Department of Licensing for Washington State to see your compliance with the restrictions of your license. This can have an effect on the length of your revoked or suspended license.

Every ignition interlock device will need to be recalibrated at regular, specified intervals. This work has to be done by a specialist in the IID – preferably a company with an established reputation. A device that has been poorly maintained may show incorrect blood alcohol content information or other misleading data that would jeopardize your license.

Always know the company you are dealing with. Look for an ignition interlock company with a 24/7 customer service department and a mobile repair/support option. A reputable company will understand the needs and concerns of individuals driving under a DUI-restricted license and will work with you. Interlock Northwest has been in Washington State for many years, has a solid reputation and is dedicated to keeping their customers satisfied and safe. Check out Interlock NorthWest for more information on how you can drive with a DUI conviction using an ignition interlock device as required by the state of Washington.

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